Discover the Remedy for your Anxiety

Our tools can empower you to enjoy immediate peace and wellbeing!

Learn easy and powerful techniques you can use in your daily life.

With ARM (The Anxiety Relief Method), We have guided hundreds of people who had suffered chronic anxiety to experience a lasting sense of ease, calm, control and personal power.

Your transformation can be easy, ongoing, and FUN!

“I’m amazed in the immediate shift I feel in myself…”

"Where once I couldn't control my thoughts or feelings, I am now an empowered guide of my own experience. I don't worry about anxiety anymore. And this all happened in just the first month of seeing Celeste for guidance."

- Jessica

What is ARM?

(The Anxiety Relief Method)

ARM utilizes the power of MIND to clear Anxiety without any emotional pain and discomfort. It facilitates deep relaxation and powerful yet fun exercises to reset overwhelm, anxiety, and difficult emotions.

Your brain is like a highly changeable computer software that can be updated and re-programed. The brain's neuroplasticity enables it to change it's own structure and function.

ARM directly utilizes this neuroplasiticity, effortlessly rewiring new ways of thinking and acting, shifting from unconscious reactive behavior to conscious choice - increasing your awareness of positive viewpoints and actions that feel aligned with who you want to be.

Let’s Turn OFF whatever isn’t in your best interest!

The Benefits of ARM

  • You can clear anxiety, overwhelm, and negative emotions that ambush you.
  • You will experience deep relaxation, joy, and peace that is always available to you if you know HOW to access them!
  • You can enjoy the benefit of simple, fun, yet powerful exercises that can pause and reset challenging emotions.
  • You can join the hundreds of people who had chronic anxiety and overwhelm cleared and healed.
  • Your transformation will be easy, fun, and lasting!

“Exercises and methods I’ve never experienced before…”

"After being drugged and robbed in a hotel room with my kids, Celeste was able to clear the trauma of the event and the resulting anxiety after the event in one session. This work also reduced my long time jaw pain without even directly addressing it. Thanks Celeste!"

- Tracee

With ARM (The Anxiety Relief Method) I have guided countless people suffering from chronic anxiety to a lasting and balanced state in just a few sessions.

Your transformation can be easy, effective and fun!

ARM uses the power of mind to clear anxiety without any emotional pain or discomfort.It facilitates deep relaxation with powerful yet fun exercises to help reset overwhelm, anxiety, and difficult emotions.

Upcoming Clinics

Join us for this very inspiring and safe gathering to learn how ARM can help you live in peace, harmony, and joy.
Our time together will be filled with laughter and insights.
You will go home relaxed and uplifted with easy and powerful tools you can use in your daily life.

You will come away with a better understanding of how to manage anxiety
AND these tools:
1) Guided meditation: "Calming your Mind"
2) Easy to follow highly effective protocols
3) Video on "How the Mind Works."

The mind loves repetition when updating and integrating new ideas and behaviors.

When you attend any clinic, you’ll enjoy a 50% discount for future clinics.

“Anybody can tell you how to do things, but integrating it…”

" what sets Celeste and the Anxiety Relief Method apart. I now have very unique tools to navigate my anxiety. I am empowered - knowing my yes's and no's - and feel strong again.
It's been an incredible game changer!"

- Michelle

Celeste Labadie, LMFT

Would you like an antidote to overwhelm and stress?

Would you like to shift the repetitive stories in your head warning you that life is painful or scary?

Deep and lasting change can occur without re-living trauma or feeling painful thoughts or emotions. I can help you transform the way you think, feel, and act by helping you get clear of emotional content that triggers you.

Join the hundreds of people who healed their anxiety using my revolutionary tools ARM - the Anxiety Relief Method. I’ll show you exactly how to turn off old programs and problematic content that no longer serve you or your life path.

We will use the best of current neuroscience and the power of subconscious mind to audit the brain’s emotional memory. The “Memory Reconsolidation” process releases harsh or painful memories and thought patterns so that you can regain a new sense of purpose and vital energy.

Your energy and inspiration can be freed up and accessible to you for living your best life. No worries, I can guide you even when you don’t know how to get there or what it looks like. And it’s easy, fun, and life changing!

Celeste is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist. She empowers clients to heal their stress and anxiety with effective clearing methods.

Her speciality is helping her clients to free energy by releasing inner burdens and old outdated programs that cause reactive behaviors or thoughts.

Feel more balanced, joyful and present!

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